Fulfilling the import needs of cross-border
e-commerce sellers and freight forwarders

Express Import Service

In China, we offer the capability to have single-step customs clearance at several ports, a good handle on the import process, and reliable, swift customs clearance turnaround times.

Cross Border Import Method (Customs Clearance)

Import Method Hong Kong E-express Personal Direct Mail CC General Trade Imports
Taxation Methods Use of direct mail import tax. Low spot check tax inspection rate. Using direct mail: tax is exempted on orders valued under 50 yuan.
13%: food/gold and silver/health care/ furniture
20%: textiles/ bags/ watches/ electrical appliances/ personal toiletries, etc.
50%: High-grade cosmetics/ precious jewelry/ high-grade watches / golf equipment etc..
Using the general trade tariff rates.
Foodstuffs/bulk goods/clothing/bags/appliances/personal toiletries, etc.
Operational Requirements One side of the package does not exceed 70CM
Weight limit 10KG/parcel
Personal effect or e-commerce parcels
Parcel value limit of 800 yuan/parcel
We provide the customs clearance documents for general trade clearance.
Import time limitation 4~7 working days 4~7 working days 4~7 working days
Applicable products Products with higher value that exceed the duty-free allowance. Value Less than 384 RMB f ood/mother and baby products.
Less than 250 RMB for bags/clothing/personal care products.
Less than 100 RMB for cosmetics
Food / health care / mother and baby products / bags / clothes / home appliances / cosmetics, etc. Exceeding the permitted values.
Item Restrictions Contraband/Prohibited Items Contraband/Prohibited Items Prohibited items / products outside the permitted list.
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Additional Services Domestic China and Hong Kong Warehousing, Order fulfillment, Custom packing, Customs clearance, Nationwide delivery throughout Mainland China and Hong Kong, etc.
Advantages ①Import to China has its own warehouse of 5000m2 in Hong Kong.
②Our self-developed OMS and WMS system offers API docking capabilities. A number of large e-commerce companies such as Jing dong Global Shopping and Little Red Book have used our systems.
③We provide comprehensive logistics solutions to create value for our customers. You just sell the products, we do the rest for you.

Cross-Border E-commerce Returns Service

Our integrated Shenzhen/Guangzhou bonded warehouses provide Import customs clearance resources which are a big advantage to cross-border e-commerce sellers. Which allows them to establish efficient return channels to China for their products.

20+ Global
Storage Points

100+ Delivery

30,000m2 Storage

1000,000+ Parcels
Daily Handling Capacity

Global Warehouse Network Map

Import to China provides overseas warehouse services for cross-border e-commerce businesses. Through our network of self-management and joint venture, e-commerce warehouses you can send your goods to the nearest International transit warehouse and reach 1.4 Billion Mainland China consumers through our logistics and customs clearance services.